Equine Salt Water Spa

In the spa the depth of the water is according to the site of injury, it is also proportional to the resultant pressure exerted on the leg which effects fluid dispersal; this can be varied depending the individuals injury and therapeutic results required.

The jets in the spa are used to help dissolve oxygen into the water to help reach the blood steam more efficiently, this maximizes tissue uptake of oxygen and accelerates the healing process. The jets also have a massaging effect on the limbs aiding stimulation to the circulation and dispersing swelling and inflammation.

The water in the spa contains sodium chloride and magnesium salts, with the amounts mimicking the amount found in sea water. This benefits bruising and infection by acting as hypertonic poultice, as well as having a natural healing effect on wounds e.g. abscesses.

The water density increases with salt concentration, which increases pressure to aid fluid dispersal.

The cold temperature in the water aids in reducing swelling by constricting the blood vessels, and therefore flushing out the excess fluid and blood. When the horses return to room temperature the blood vessels the dilate, which allows a strong flow of nutrient and oxygen rich blood to the area, accelerating the healing process.

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