Equine Underwater Treadmill

At Herts Horses Hydrotherapy we have the latest FMBS designed underwater treadmill with a range of features to cater for every individual and future goals, this includes an incline setting and a range of speeds. Located in our brand new purpose built barn at Bayford Hall Farm the treadmill has been sunk into the ground for ease of the horses experience of the treatment, clear sides are installed for an all round view of the horse and its movement.

Ran by our in-house veterinary physiotherapists we provide the most expertly ran hydrotherapy treatments, with all physiotherapists being highly trained to masters degree level. With this we can provide a high quality and knowledgeable treatment session for both horse and owner.

Prior to the first session we will complete a static and dynamic assessment, with this we are able to see the horses movement and gait, any compensatory issues, muscle weaknesses. We will also discuss with each owner what he or she are hoping to achieve through the hydrotherapy treatments, in order to create an individual plan. We will then progress to the hydrotherapy session and habituating the horse to the treatment, cleaning down the horse before and after the session. It is important to note some horses may need more time to adjust to the facilities than others and this is judged on an individual circumstance.

    • Enhance Suppleness


    • Increase Stride Length


    • Increase Muscle Tone and Strength


    • Encourage Equal Weight Bearing Between Limbs


    • Improve Straightness


    • Rehabilitation


    • Reducing the Risk of Injury


    • Increase Range of Motion of Joints


    • Increase Cardiovascular Fitness and Stamina


    • Improve Core Stability and Topline

For more information or to book a hydrotherapy treatment please call 07495 500673 or email info@hertshorseshydro.co.uk