Heat Therapy (72 Hours After Injury)

Heat essentially works in the opposite way to cold therapy. It causes vasodilation and dilates the blood vessels and increases the circulation and blood flow to the area, this flushes out the inflammation and toxins and brings in new oxygen and nutrients which also speeds up efficiency of healing.

Through this heat also aids in releasing muscle tension, through warming up the muscle fibres it allows the muscle cells to relax, decreasing soft tissue restrictions and muscle fasciculation’s (spasms).

    • Muscle Tension or Spasm


    • Swelling and Inflammation


    • Joint Pain and Stiffness


    • Osteoarthritis


    • Muscle Pain (Chronic)


    • Before Exercise to Improve Joint / Muscle Mobility
    • Decreasing Muscle Tension


    • Increasing Range of Motion


    • Decreases Stifness


    • Increasing Venous Return / Blood Flow


    • Increases Lymphatic Drainage


    • Increases Wound Healing


    • Decreases Muscle Fasciculations


    • Decreases Pain