Neuromusclar Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

Most commonly used in animals that are suffering from muscle atrophy (weakness), although scientifically it has been shown to only increase muscle mass when used alongside exercise. However for a horse on box rest or a dog on crate or room rest it can be a useful tool alongside rehabilitation therapeutic exercises to help maintain and retain muscle mass.

NMES works by creating muscle contractions in the specific muscle to stimulate muscle cells. It is artificially stimulating muscle fibres and activating the nerves, by pulsing the setting, allowing the muscle to contract and relax.

    • Improve Muscle Mass


    • Decreasing Rate of Atrophy


    • Maintains or Improves Range of Motion


    • Improves Blood Supply to Muscles


    • Increase Muscle Strength


    • Improve Neurological Damage to Promote Recovery of Motor Function


    • Reduce Muscle Fasciculations