Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PMFT)

PMFT is one of the most diverse of the electrotherapies. It can treat various conditions e.g. fractures and non-union fractures, by increasing the metabolic rate of the cells, attracting “osteoblasts” which are bone cells that reproduce and encourage ossification.

Acute and chronic pain can also be naturally treated, as specific settings interrupt the brains ability to transmit pain by decreasing the nerve cell energy so that it is too low for the signals to the brain to be detected.

Oedema/ swelling and inflammation can be treated whether its chronic or acute, depending on the timing and injury, the machine can be set to constrict the blood vessels around the swelling (normally within the first 72 hours after injury), or dilate the blood vessels, increasing the circulation, oxygen and nutrients to the area to flush out the toxins and inflammation. This also aids wound healing.

    • Fractures and Oesteoporosis, Non-union Fractures


    • Oedema / Swelling


    • Acute and Chronic Pain


    • Osteoarthritis


    • Joint Pain


    • Neurological Conditions


    • Soft Tissue Injury / Bruising


    • Wounds
    • Increasing Venous Return / Blood Circulation


    • Improving Fracture Repair


    • Increasing Nerve Stimulation


    • Decreasing Pain


    • Decrease Swelling and Inflammation