Ultrasound has been scientifically proven to be the most efficient electrotherapy for injured tendons, ligament, muscle tears and scar tissue, as it is most effective for highly collagenous tissue. It aids healing through three of the four healing stages.

Inflammation phase, ultrasound acts as a pro-inflammatory mechanism, by stimulating the cells it is more efficient in utilizing properties involved in inflammation and then moving the cells on so the next phase can commence. It achieves this through increasing the circulation, oxygen and nutrients to the area, naturally flushing out the inflammatory toxins and releasing inflammatory mediators and platelets. Also contributing to wound healing and starting to remodel scar tissue.

Proliferation phase, ultrasound increases the collagen production, crucial for the repair of tendons, ligaments and muscle, it also maximizes the efficiency of scar tissue, in laying down the new tissue in an organised alignment, for higher levels of strength, mobility and flexibility than tissue that has not been treated with ultrasound, decreasing the risk of injury or re-injury and optimizing the level of performance after rehabilitation. This is also linked with the remodeling phase of wound healing, as along with tissue alignment it will also transform collagen cells from type III to type I, increasing tensile strength and mobility.

    • Tendon or Ligament, Sprains, Tears or Ruptures


    • Muscle Injuries


    • Muscle Tears


    • Wound Healing


    • Scar Tissue Formation


    • Muscle Tension and Muscle Spasm
    • Increase Collagen Production, Extensibility and Quality


    • Reduce Scar Tissue / Adhesion / Spasm / Pain


    • Increase Tissue Pliability


    • Increase Fibroblast Proliferation


    • Stimulate and Repair Soft Tissue


    • Tissue Mobility¬†


    • Accelerate Wound Healing


    • Reduce Oedema


    • Increase Blood Flow