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What we Offer

Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists are qualified to the highest level, obtaining Masters Degrees in Veterinary Physiotherapy for Equine and Canine. We are all members of highly regarded associations.

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Canine Veterinary Physiotherapy

We provide home visits for our canine clients. Our physiotherapy sessions are tailored for each individual dog, as no dog is the same. All dogs will be statically and dynamically assessed.

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Equine Water Treadmill

At Herts Horses Hydrotherapy we have the latest FMBS designed underwater treadmill with a range of features to cater for every individual and future goals, this includes an incline setting and a range of speeds.

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Equine Salt Water Spa

We have the latest FMBS designed salt water spa cooled to 2 degrees for the ultimate cyrotherapy treatment, with a range of features including spa jets, a useful treatment for early rehabilitation stages and performance horses.

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy stimulates the cells within the body, activating them for fighting elements such as infections, decreasing swelling by increasing circulation in the area and releasing inflammatory mediators, increasing the efficiency in wound healing.

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Ultrasound has been scientifically proven to be the most efficient electrotherapy for injured tendons, ligament, muscle tears and scar tissue, as it is most effective for highly collagenous tissue.

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Stretching is sometimes used to compliment a physiotherapy treatment and depending on the individual can be implemented into a treatment/exercise plan.

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We provide on and off site physiotherapy for equine and canine clients. All Hydrotherapy Water Treadmill sessions will be run by one of our physiotherapists along with our equine hydrotherapists to ensure your horse receives the optimal to our and the horses ability.


What our clients Say

"My horses are jumping, feeling and looking super after their treatment from Jessica. Its fantastic to have such a highly qualified, lovely physio to treat the horses 👍🏼"

Karen Ballard

"My horses are jumping, feeling and looking super after their treatment from Jessica. Its fantastic to have such a highly qualified, lovely physio to treat the horses 👍🏼"

Orla Morrin

"ess came out to me at very short notice after a Bit Fit consultant told me my mare was sore at her poll and TMJ. Holly really enjoyed her treatment and has responded very well. All sore bits are sorted and she’s a lot happier with me touching her head to prove it! After seeing her prancing around in the field earlier, I know she’s feeling a lot better in herself too! Thank you Jess, will see you again soon for more of your magic work!🙌🏼🐴"

Naomi Parker

"I contacted Jessica as I felt my older horse had tweaked his back end and was clearly in considerable discomfort. She came out last minute for me this morning, as a new client she’d never worked with, to a yard that she’d been at only the week previously. She put my nervy horse at ease completely, was easy going and chatty, and was generally a pleasure to have around. There was an instant and drastic improvement in my horses stretching ability after Jessica’s treatment, and I’m optimistic he’s going to be feeling much better. A detailed after care plan was provided within hours of her visit, along with some extra reading material for me. Thanks Jessica - super job."

Laura Jones

"Jess recently treated one of my boys. She was very professional , explained everything clearly and provides good aftercare. Would highly recommend."

Kerrie Goodwin

"Very good, Jessica was professional and explained everything with me so I understood what was wrong, and how I improve it. Jessica also gave me exercises to do with Poppy to help her improve which has worked. Great price and would highly recommend."

Harry Burden

“I had Jess out to visit my horse Oz for a maintenance and check-up session! I highly recommend Jess, she made Oz feel instantly relaxed and he very much enjoyed his treatment! I’ve noticed a difference already when working in canter in the school, he feels a lot more supple and easier to collect! Oz and I look forward to having Jess out again soon!”

India Gwillim

"I would always recommend Jess to anyone . Not only is she a friend of mine and a lovely funny person she is a great Physiotherapist . She has healing hands and does a thorough job."

Natalie Mitham

"Jess is fantastic, highly recommend. She has a lovely way with the horses, my boy settled straight away with her and loved his treatment."

Leah Maddison Cripps

"Highly recommend ☺️ very quiet around my pony and so knowledgeable about her job, can’t wait for the water treadmill to open 🙌🏼 great after care too. Thank you Jess From Kate and Oreo xx"

Kate Smith

"As a human chiropractor (masters degree) I am INCREDIBLY fussy who touches my animals but I'm so happy with the work Jess has done. She has a wealth of knowledge, keen eye, good sense and feel and she works specific to the underlying issue. (I've seen a lot of 'back people' that have the gift of the gab and not much more!) Massive thank you from me and Echo 😀"

Jessica Freya

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