Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can be used for a variety of conditions, most commonly used by physiotherapists for wound healing, which is achieved through stimulating the cells within the body, activating the cells for fighting elements such as infections, decreasing swelling by increasing circulation in the area and releasing inflammatory mediators, increasing the efficiency in wound healing.

Laser is also used for inhibiting cellular activity, used when treating muscle fasciculation’s (muscle spasms), the laser aids in suppressing the muscle cells excitability by slowing down the cells mobility, aiding in decreasing muscle spasms and muscle tension.

    • Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis


    • Tendonitis


    • Swelling and Inflammation


    • Pain


    • Fractures / Sprains / Strains


    • Burns, Infected & Chronic Wounds


    • Open Wounds


    • Muscle Tension


    • Muscle Fasculations


    • Soft Tissue Injuries


    • Muscle Tears, Oedema, Haematoma
    • Decreasing Inflammation


    • ImprovingJoint Lubrication and Joint Health


    • Improving Soft Tissue Healing


    • Decreasing Pain


    • Decrease Muscle Tension


    • Decrease Muscle Spasm


    • Increase Muscle Stimulation


    • Improving Joint Range of Motion